Selenite Metatron Plate


Selenite Metatron Plate

Approximately 10cm

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High vibration

Monoclinic crystal system

Hardness -2 

Chakra- Higher crown, all chakras

Zodiac- Taurus

Planet- Moon

Used for scrying, purifying, protection and calming.

Part of the gypsum family, clear selenite, white silky satin spar.

 Derived from the Greek word selas meaning “ light , brightness” and is associated with the Moon, Selenite is a powerful energy clearing stone that will clear your space , aura and other crystals. With its angelic peace it brings calming and serenity. 

How to Use:   Place tumbles or towers in the four corners of a room to clear and cleanse and protect. 

Place on top of your tarot or oracle cards to cleanse after use. 

Place your crystals on a charging plate or bowl to cleanse and energize your crystals.

Hold during meditation.


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