Clear Quartz Tower


Charged in the Super Blue Moon 8/30/23
Size: 8cm x 5x 2.5.

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About Quartz

Hexagonal crystal system

Hardness 7

Chakra – All Chakras

Zodiac – All

Planet – Sun and Moon

Master Healer! Clear Quartz will magnify the energy of other crystals and has the capacity to be programmed. It will clear your mind, intentions and bring clarity to your situation. Purifies, heals and balances.Pairs well with all stones to enhance their qualities.

How to Use- Carry with you so it’s close by when you need to take a deep breath and clear your mind and energy field.

Use as center tower in crystal grid work

Place around your home or office to clear the rooms energy.


Please take note of the point of this piece it is not perfect.


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Size Chart

8cm x 5x 2.5