There are some people that do not believe in energy healing because they don’t believe that energy can affect other people or themselves. If you are truly one of these people, Reiki may not work for you simply because you don’t believe it will. However, the few skeptics I have had in my chair were quite surprised when it did work. Their subconscious did believe and wanted to feel better.

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Have you ever been at a party or walked into a room and sensed whether you wanted to stay in that area or not? Or noticed when that one person that is always in a bad mood seems to change the mood of the room when they walk into it? Do you have a friend that is always so bubbly and full of joy that it is just a pleasure to be around? We are affected by the energy around us, and if we are not careful, we let it take over. If it’s a positive energy, bring it on and let it flow over you and enjoy the pick me up. However, if it is a negative energy you need to learn to block it and not let it change your own energy. This is something I teach my clients how to do through a couple different modalities.

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Crystals are a great way to help change and block energies. I have them all over my house –mostly just because I am obsessed with their beauty — but there are those that are placed strategically to balance and protect my living space. It is a rare day that I do not have a rock in my pocket or wearing crystal jewelry. And yes, when you pick up my purse and say, “Man this is heavy. What do you have, rocks in there?” The answer is yes!

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