Science tells us that everything is energy. Different cultures give it different names and vary slightly but very similar in nature. In Egypt with the Kemetic Tree of Life, they call it KA. You may have heard of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life where the circles on the tree represent energy centers. There is much more involved to this, but that is for another day. In Hinduism, it is called Prana (breath or life force). The Chinese refer to this energy as Chi, and in Japanese it is KI.

7 chakra healing and corresponding inner organ groups, vector illustration diagram. Esoteric body science infographic.

So, the chakras, which in Sanskrit mean spinning wheel or disc, represent your main energy centers.  They start with your Root chakra at the base of the spine, Sacral lower in the belly, Solar Plexus in the upper belly, Heart and Throat chakras in the respective areas, Third Eye found between the brows, and the Crown chakra at the top of your head.  When a chakra is off balance, it could be from an organ or part of your body in that area, or it could be related to something emotional or mental you are dealing with.

7 Chakras and Endocrine System, Esoteric Healing Therapy. Chakra Names and Corresponding Body Processes.

The Chakras are represented by colors; Root is red, Sacral is orange, Solar is yellow, Throat light is blue, Third Eye is indigo, and Crown is violet.  So, if you have been attracted to yellow crystals lately, it could be because you need to work on your Solar Plexus. Your subconscious will tell you what you need, and that is why you could be drawn to certain crystals. The color of a crystal will correspond with the color of the chakras. That’s not to say that a red crystal will only help your root chakra; it could help your heart as well.

From day to day, your chakras can go out of balance. These “wheels” of energy should flow a certain direction and all be flowing the same. Not only do you want them all open and flowing, but at the same rate as well.

One of the first things I do in a session is read your chakras to see what is open or closed, flowing too fast or too slow. I then move the energy around till they are all open and flowing smoothly.

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