“Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind, and spirit,” Mahatma Gandhi once said. While it may seem like an idealistic goal, it is not impossible. This is where Reiki energy healing comes in – a popular alternative therapy designed to heal the mind, body, and soul. Reiki is a Japanese word that means “universal life energy,” and it’s a technique that has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, we will be exploring distance Reiki energy healing, a powerful approach to healing that allows energy to be transmitted across time and space.

What is Reiki?

Reiki ( Rey-Kee) is an energy healing practice that has been around for many  thousands of years predating most religions, and rediscovered by Dr Mikao Usui in mid 19th century. It is based on language of sacred symbols and the belief that life energy flows through the body and that we can harness and channel this energy to promote healing. Reiki is a non-invasive form of treatment that involves the practitioner placing their hands on or near the body, allowing energy to flow from them. The recipient may feel sensations such as warmth, tingling, or pulsing as the energy flows through them.

What is Distance Reiki?

Distance Reiki healing is a technique that allows Reiki practitioners to transmit healing energy to clients without being in the same room. Distance healing can work just as effectively as in-person sessions because energy is not limited by time or space. It is based on the idea that everything in the universe is made up of energy and that energy can be sent and received over long distances.

How Does Distance Reiki Work?

Reiki is based on the belief that universal life energy flows through all things. A distance Reiki session involves the practitioner tuning in to this energy and channeling it to the client. This can be done in several ways, such as through visualization or focusing on a photograph of the client. The practitioner may use symbols or mantras to enhance the flow of energy. A specific time is set for the client to sit and relax while receiving the Reiki energy.

Benefits of Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki can be just as effective as in-person sessions, with many clients reporting a sense of calm, relaxation, and improved physical and emotional well-being. It can help with a wide range of conditions, including anxiety, depression, pain management, and even chronic illnesses. Distance Reiki can be especially helpful for people who are unable to attend an in-person session, such as those who are immobile or living far away from a practitioner.

Trust the process, you do not need to know how it works, only that it does.

I live in Indiana and was lucky enough to find Pandora’s Healing. Through distance Reiki with her, I have achieved a level of healing and spiritual enlightenment That i did not think possible! Her energy is very calming and you can feel her comforting presence with you, even at a great distance. Highly recommended!

Shona E.-5-Star Yelp Review

Distance Reiki energy healing can be a powerful tool in promoting a holistic approach to good health. It offers a non-invasive alternative to traditional therapies, working to balance the energy within the body and promote healing across all aspects of the self. It is a great complement to 

Trust the process, you do not need to know how it works, only that it does. Your existing health practices. Remember, healing begins from the inside out. Keep your mind, body, and soul in harmony through Reiki.

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