Our bodies are made up of minerals. Some of those minerals are classified as electrolytes, which we know we need to keep a good balance of in our bodies to stay healthy. We take our daily vitamins and minerals to help with that. So, when we take these things in, our bodies transform the energy of those minerals to help our bodies function. When you eat a healthy meal, you have great energy. As opposed to eating junk food, which usually makes you crash and burn afterwards. Well, the crystals that we so love and carry around with us are made up of minerals. So, it’s not a far stretch to believe that a rock can help your own energy.

Crystals are used in so many ways without question. The computer I am currently typing on has a crystal, as well as lasers and TVs, and the perfectly kept time of a quartz watch is due to the quartz crystal inside of it.

One of the first things I do with my students during a Reiki certification class is measure their aura. I do this to show them that, after their Reiki attunement, it will be impossible to measure their aura because it will have expanded too large to do so. I have them remove all and any crystals they may have on their person, so I know I am getting an accurate measurement of just their energy. For fun, I will have them grab a crystal before we are done to show them how their energy field will be bigger when they are holding the crystal. It’s fascinating to see with your eyes how the crystals change the energy field.

Female crystal healing therapist holding white polished selenite crystal wand. Energy work

We are incredible beings with great intuition, if you listen and believe.  I always say, “Go with your gut.” If you are drawn to wear or carry a certain crystal there is a reason, it’s what your body needs for the day.

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